: P O Box 564, Levin, New Zealand
: +64 6 368 8406
: secretary@electratrust.co.nz

About Us

The primary roles of the Electra Trust are to:

  • appoint the Directors of Electra Limited
  • ensure appropriate annual performance assessments are held
  • monitor and safeguard the interests of Electra's owners
  • ensure the terms of the Trust Deed are met and consider any amendments
  • may commission ownership reviews from time to time
  • ensure any surplus funds generated by Electra Limited, are returned to the owners in the form of an annual discount 
  • approve the company's Statement of Corporate Intent and monitor performance
  • hold an Annual Meeting of its owners (and any Special Meetings that may be required) to inform owners and respond to questions
  • maintain open communication with owners

The Electra Trust is a member of the Energy Trusts of New Zealand, representing the 22 consumer or partly-consumer-owned lines companies around New Zealand (http://www.etnz.org.nz)

This ensures Electra is kept fully informed on national issues affecting lines companies or the electricity supply market - and gives Electra the opportunity to provide input into ETNZ national policy and decision-making.