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: secretary@electratrust.co.nz

Welcome to the Electra Trust Website

Electra is locally owned and controlled.

The Electra Trust represents the households and businesses in Kapiti and Horowhenua who are connected to the local power lines provided by its operating company, Electra Limited (see www.electra.co.nz).

Electra is wholly-owned by its consumers (the beneficiaries) who, in 2020, totalled 45,300 from Paekakariki in the south to Foxton and Tokomaru in the north.

The 'shares' are held on behalf of the consumers by a Trust, elected under a Trust Deed to represent the owners interests and protect their asset.

Annual Sales Discount
All beneficiaries of the Electra Trust are entitled to an annual Sales Discount issued by Electra Limited.
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2020 Trustee Election timetable

21 Feb            Call for nominations
24 Apri noon   Nominations close
18 May            Voting papers sent out
12 June noon   Voting closes
14 June           Results published on Electra Trust website
June/July         Results published in local newspapers    31 July            Results announced at Electra Trust AGM

2020 Results are are: 
Neil MACKAY                  4,107
Lindsay BURNELL            3,374
Brendan DUFFY               3,291
Kevin BURROWS              1,657

Click here to for the 2020 Declaration of Election Result

2020 Ownership Review
At the 2019 Annual Beneficiaries Meeting beneficiaries voted to hold an ownership review of Electra Limited in 2020. A summary of ownership options and voting papers will be sent to Beneficiaries on 1 July 2020. Results of the ownership review will be announced at the 2020 Annual Beneficiaries Meeting at noon on 31 July 2020 at the Horowhenua District Council, Oxford Street, Levin.